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Vista Land is the Philippine’s largest home builder. It was incorporated on 28 February 2007 and was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange on 25 June 2007. It is the market leader by far in terms of total number of houses built, having constructed about 300,000 homes in 46 provinces, and 133 cities and municipalities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The Company currently ranks among the top listed property firms in the country in terms of total assets, earnings and market capitalization. Operating through its five distinct subsidiaries, Vista Land is the leading homebuilder in the Philippines.

Business Profile

Operating through its five distinct subsidiaries, Vista Land is one of the leading integrated property developer and homebuilder in the Philippines. Vista Land provides a wide range of housing products to its customers across all income segments.

The Company operates through Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella Homes, Bria, Lumina, Communities Philippines, and Vista Residences. 

Brittany caters to the high-end market in Mega Manila, offering luxury houses in master-planned communities, priced at ₱12.0 million and above.

Crown Asia caters to the middle-income housing segment in Mega-Manila, primarily offering houses priced between ₱4.0 million and ₱12.0 million.

Camella Homes, Bria and Lumina has serviced the low-cost and affordable housing segment, priced between ₱0.8 million and ₱4.0 million, in the Mega Manila area.

Communities Philippines and its subsidiaries offer residential properties outside the Mega Manila area in the low-cost and affordable and middle-income housing segments.

Vista Residences offers vertical residential projects in the Mega Manila area.

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Mission / Vision

We are the undisputed leader and recognized authority in homebuilding and community development in the Philippines. Our presence across the country is widely-known and strongly felt. 

The depth and breadth of our product line answers the needs of Filipino families and every point on the home ownership spectrum: from first homes, to upgrade homes, to urban developments, and to lifestyle communities.

We build communities that foster proud family and neighborhood relationships, value the rewards of hard work, and reflect responsible use of resources and our environment.

We seek to become an integral part of the livelihood aspiration of the Filipino family. People take pride in living in one of our homes.

Our people are the key to our success. We build homes with unwavering commitment, passion and dedication to quality and genuine care for our homebuyers. We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of creativity, integrity and professionalism.

Our name is built on trust and quality. Long after our houses are built, our brands will continue to speak for Vista Land.

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